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Become your Most Vital Self – at Work and at Home

Where are you on your journey to good health, satisfying relationships, meaningful work and a long and happy life?  Where would you like to be a year from now?

Complete this short circle of life exercise to help you see areas of your life that are fulfilling and areas that could use some additional focus and goal setting.   Place a dot at the outer edge of circleoflife.rev2-01each line to indicate satisfaction, or towards the inner circle to indicate dissatisfaction.  How balanced is your “wheel of life”?  What is missing?  Identify the one or two things that, if improved, could make a big difference in leading a life you love.  Remember, taking that first small step can lead to big results.

Healthy Behaviors provides one-one and group coaching and wellness programs to support the steps to good health.  Healthy Behaviors is also certified to deliver Insights® Discovery workshops and 360° Feedback Facilitation to support career development and improved interpersonal relationships – all linked to a healthy life and healthy organization.

Contact Linda to discuss your needs and how she can help you attain your wellness goals and strategies for success!