The Whole Professional

A Collection of Essays to Help you Achieve a Full & Satisfying LifeCoveney_TWP-1_3D

I’m proud to be one of the 15 authors who contributed to this insightful  352 page book – focused on personal and professional development.

The writers share a wealth of knowledge from their many years of experience in wellness, corporate and consulting work.

This book is perfect for a person starting their career, someone looking to find ways to enhance their career or lifestyle, and for those ready for a new purpose.

Chapter 4, Free to be the Real Me, describes my personal transformation and journey to an Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching business.  The chapter includes 5 steps to help you get back to the Real You.  These tips will help you to live with more energy and vitality, all designed to help you move towards a happier, healthier lifestyle and future.

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The Whole Professional
Publisher: Main Line Press (First Edition, September 2015) Vanleer, TN
ISBN 978-0-9895795-5-1
Table of Contents
Mack Munro
Chapter 1: Change is Inevitable . . . Growth is Optional
Joseph L. Almond
Chapter 2: The Seven Holistic Health Wonders of the World
Eric Buratty
Chapter 3: Designing Your Own Personal Strategic Roadmap: Creating an Overarching Framework of What You Want
Margie Bush, SHRM-SCP | SPHR
Chapter 4: Free to Be the REAL Me
Linda Coveney
Chapter 5: Work-Life Balance: How to Tip the Scales in Your Favor
Paul W. Critchley
Chapter 6: Careers in Chaos: Suggestions for Achieving Career Success in Turbulent Times
Kevin Fallon
Chapter 7: Make it Happen and Get it Done
Treva R. Gordon
Chapter 8: Know Yourself. Socrates was Right.
Paul E. Greasley, Ph.D.
Chapter 9: The Job of Getting a Job
LTCOL David S. Maurer | USA | Retired
Chapter 10: Owning Your Growth
Kathleen Peterson, MBA
Chapter 11: Your White Box: Life-Defining Moments (pg. 231)
Gary R. Rohmann
Chapter 12: It’s an Inside Job: 5 Not-So-Common, Non-Traditional Techniques for Personal Development
Teresa Rome | MA | SPHR
Chapter 13: Are You an Entrepreneur?
Lauren Smith
Chapter 14: How to Take a Leap of Faith
Jeremy R. Stinson
Chapter 15: HARVEST: Set and Achieve Your Goals; Reap Your Rewards
Shawna Todd