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Insights® Discovery—The direct route to healthy, effective teams

Sales, Leadership, Boards and other teams make leaps in self-awareness, personal effectiveness.  They boost understanding and appreciation for their teammates’ distinct contributions, and strengthen their collaboration, initiative and leadership under Linda’s enthusiastic training and coaching.
An Insights ®Discovery expert since 2008, Linda uses this fun, proven program to help companies empower their staff. Invigorated by the revelations and clear recommendations for implementation, participants in turn pave the way to improved communication and productivity, smoother transitions, resolution of challenges, and greater unified achievement and success.
Contact Linda for more information about these Insightful Options:

Personal Coaching:  Aided by your Personal Insights Discovery Profile Report, the one-one coaching session or sessions will help you to recognize your strengths, development opportunities, blind spots and management style.  The outcome will be a personal action plan to strengthen your position to achieve your personal and career goals.

The Journey Begins:  Half-Day Workshop for Teams.  This workshop provides an overview of the different personality styles and ways to adapt and connect to improve team effectiveness and collaboration.  Each person receives their own Personal Insights Discovery Profile Report.  This program is highly interactive and exercises focus on understanding the communication preferences of each styles, how to adapt and connect- especially with your opposite type.  As a result, you will learn to improve your personal effectiveness and team performance.

Sales Effectiveness:  Insights on How to Adapt and Connect to your Customer:  Half-Day Workshop for Sales Teams and Entrepreneurs.  One size does not fit all your customers.  In this workshop you will walk away with adapting techniques to better connect with the unique style of your customers during each stage of the selling process.  You will receive your own Personal Insights Discovery Profile with the added Sales Effectiveness Chapter.  This information will help you discover when you rely too heavily on your preferred style of communication and not your customers.   Learn how to give your customers what they need to want to do business with you.

The Missing Link in your Wellness Programs
Good nutrition is only one aspect of achieving good health and vitality.  Feeling valued, enjoying healthy interpersonal relationships, and knowing how to deal with stress are just as important.  Linda combines her health coaching knowledge along with her Insights® Discovery workshops to provide a full suite of wellness support to her clients.  Could your employees benefit from a workshop that is fun and increases personal and team awareness and effectiveness?  Contact me for more information about the Insights® Discovery program.

Discovery Personal Effectiveness Program Factsheet Linda Coveney LLC

Attention:  Wellness Program Decision Makers.

Not sure if this program is right for your organization?  Contact me for a complementary Insights Discovery Profile Report.