Revitalizing Detox Testimonials

“My experience with health coach Linda Coveney and her Detox program was simply fantastic. My husband and I teamed on this Detox adventure and together we took our health and vitality to new levels. Unexpected benefits that I experienced included: fewer headaches, greater clarity of thinking, more productive at work, feeling lighter and having more fun. The best part is that I’ve kicked my caffeine addiction as result of this guided Detox program. This program is more than just about the food; it is about awareness that creates new conscientiousness and the power of choice.” – Kathy Mc

I was skeptical of how successful this program would be in the 4 short weeks; however, I was pleasantly surprised on how much better I began to feel after just a few days. Linda was a great facilitator and knows her stuff. Any support you needed she was available. I would definitely recommend giving this program a try. I continue to use much of what I learned in the program today. Hilde H.

It was wonderful listening to my group discuss what they were going through and all they got from it. Linda was knowledgeable and very communicative via facebook and email. I really thought it was a learning process that I will continue on my own long after. Thanks Linda! Laura W.

Having never participated in a detox program before I didn’t know what to expect. Linda was very helpful in guiding me through the process. The materials she provided were beneficial along with the group calls for sharing progress. I now have many new recipes and have tried foods I didn’t know existed before participating in this program. Cindy M.

Linda is a wonderful teacher and her support throughout the weeks was much appreciated.  Linda takes the time to answer our questions even outside of class – a great benefit.  I would recommend this class to anyone ready to make a change in their eating habits.

Lisa Alexander, mother of three

1-1 Health Coaching

Linda – you are wonderful! You helped me to learn and incorporate healthy-behaviors (not just food) that will help me for years to come. Although I am not perfect and still have goals to achieve, you helped me get on the right track and see what is possible. When we first met, I remember telling you that I felt “stuck” and “trapped” and unable to make changes. Now, I feel that knowledge really is powerful and I really can do anything! Thank you for believing in me.

Corporate and Organizational Wellness workshops and speaking engagements.

In August, 2012, I attended one of Linda Coveney’s health and wellness seminars, where she reviewed healthy habits ranging from getting the right amount of sleep to eating right. One segment of her seminar was devoted to artificial sweeteners and the dangers they pose as we continue to ingest these chemicals. Linda reviewed the chemistry in lay language and it really hit me. Coincidentally, my oldest daughter had pointed out just how much Sweet N Low I was consuming on a daily basis: one packet for each of 3 iced teas and 2 cups of coffee.

So, on Linda’s advice, I went “cold turkey” with the Sweet N Low.

Instead of going back to sugar, which she explained has a whole host of dangers, I converted to natural sweeteners.  I’ve found that I’m enjoying coffee  and iced tea even more – with no aftertaste.

I also lost about 3 pounds in the first 6 weeks since swearing off artificial sweeteners. As a health and wellness coach, I find Linda to be extremely helpful.  It’s nice to hear the facts from an objective 3rd party whose mission is to understand the health consequences to our behaviors. What better value is there than someone who helps you get the most out of life?

Don T, Director

 Loved Linda’s “Go for it” attitude! Chiara

I was so impressed with your speech, that I will think of you every time I need inspiration.” Connie

Insights ® Discovery Workshop

I recently attended a workshop on leadership development that was conducted by Linda Coveney. She masterfully lead a group of senior managers to think outside the box. Her presentation style was clear and concise allowing for open dialogue and creative thought. The assessment portion was spot on, It was like I wrote it myself almost scary.  This was definitely one of the best workshops that I have ever attended in the past 25 years. I would highly recommend Linda and her organization and would not hesitate to have her back again.

Jay P, Director Sales , Legrand

Insights One-One Coaching

“I definitely utilized some of the skills that you and I discussed. I’m confident that these tools you provided me will also be a continuous point of reference for me. (I’ve already gone back to the color wheel several times after that I would consider “peculiar” encounters – ha ha). All in all, you helped me tremendously because one of my primary responsibilities is to maintain a strong working relationship with our labor provider and early on that was a struggle. However, recently, I’ve been able to mend fences and strengthen lines of communication.”

Distribution Center Employee